PressEast-West Power’s in-house venture, the venture company confirmation and ISO certification were obtained at the same time

2nd in-house venture, acquired technology guarantee fund venture company certification within 6 months of founding.

Acquired ISO 9001, 14001 certification, recognized for technology and growth potential.


Korea East-West Power announced that the second in-house venture 'PACT-Alliance'

was awarded by the Korea Technology Guarantee Fund, an institution funded by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups.

It announced on the 30th that it had obtained the venture business confirmation and international quality

and environmental management system certification. / Photo courtesy of East-West Power.

Korea East-West Power announced on the 30th that the second in-house venture 'PACT-Alliance' has acquired a venture business certificate and international quality and environmental management system certification from the Korea Technology Guarantee Fund, an institution funded by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups.

Venture Business Confirmation is a certificate issued when the need for government support as a global company is recognized for companies with high technology and growth potential. picked up

PACT-Alliance is an in-house venture that develops an artificial intelligence platform for diagnosing heavy electric equipment* and provides an innovative method of diagnosing heavy electric equipment. In the past, it was difficult to utilize the accumulated data because the diagnosis report was written as a document. 

PACT-Alliance succeeded in attracting 100 million won in investment from private companies last year under the systematic support of East-West Power. Finally, through the documents and on-site examination results of

East-West Power has a support system for fostering in-house ventures in public corporations, such as △establishing a startup safety net such as starting a business concurrently, △ mentoring internal and external experts, △providing startup infrastructure, and establishing an external collaboration system.

In particular, in order to strengthen the feasibility and marketability of in-house venture promotion projects, the company is raising the possibility of successful in-house venture startups by consulting with external startup experts and holding an evaluation committee composed of internal and external experts.

PACT-Alliance plans to disseminate and spread its technology to the private sector while complying with international standards based on the acquisition of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 for quality and environmental management systems.

An East-West Power official said, "The acquisition of the venture business certificate and ISO certification provided an opportunity to once again confirm the company's technological prowess and growth potential." We will gather more strength.” 

East-West Power has launched a total of three in-house venture teams, including PACT-Alliance, through the government’s in-house venture fostering program since 2018. As a result, in February of this year, two in-house venture teams were selected as '2019 in-house venture excellent start-up companies' by the Large, Small and Medium Enterprises and Agricultural and Fishery Cooperation Foundation. was selected as

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