Press“Able to prevent large-scale blackout accidents”... Development of high-voltage facility diagnosis and prediction system

Middle-aged entrepreneurs who are over forty are emerging as star companies through the startup support system of the Chungnam Economic Promotion Agency. The Promotion Agency has been providing start-up space, commercialization support costs (up to 15 million won), and start-up education and expert consulting for start-ups under the age of 40 to 64 years or younger since 2018 to revitalize middle-aged start-ups. Here are five excellent companies that have been recognized for their outstanding technology.

In January 2011, a large-scale blackout in the Yeosu Industrial Complex resulted in the shutdown of 20 factories, resulting in damage of KRW 70.7 billion. In September, about 6,000 companies in 16 industrial complexes in the metropolitan area and North Chungcheong Province, and 20 companies in Ulsan industrial complex in December stopped due to power outages. That year, the damage alone amounted to 133.9 billion won. The following year, Samsung Display in Asan, Chungcheongnam-do suffered 20 billion won in damage, and the power outage caused continuous damage to companies.

A venture company in Dangjin, South Chungcheong Province, has developed a system that can prevent large-scale blackout accidents for the first time in Korea. PACT-Alliance (CEO Lee Sang-hoon, photo), a heavy electric equipment diagnosis and technology consulting company, is a 'Heavy Electric Equipment Health Care It was announced on the 18th that it had built a 'platform'.

Heavy electric equipment refers to high-voltage equipment with a range of 700V to 765kV (765,000V). High-voltage equipment consists of copper through which electricity flows, insulating material surrounding copper, iron core, insulating oil, and cooling water. The company uses AI to diagnose the condition of the insulator that protects copper through which electricity flows. If the insulation is worn out or damaged due to deterioration, the equipment stops or leads to a major accident. 

The company's automated diagnostic analysis system has an accuracy of 91.5%. This is the result of analyzing data from 33 generators over several years by the Daewoo Advanced Research Institute. The company explains that by entering the manufacturer, production time, and equipment characteristics into the system, it is possible to identify and prepare for patterns with a high probability of failure.

CEO Lee worked as a technology consultant for East-West Power Korea for 12 years. He decided to start a business last year to improve the method of writing reports by hand after testing and diagnosing heavy electrical equipment and analyzing the causes of failure. CEO Lee said, “When I was working at the site, I thought that the process of writing down the high-voltage equipment inspection numbers in a notebook, moving it back from the office to Excel, and making the final report was outdated. “It took at least three days, and in many cases it took more than a month,” he explained.

CEO Lee received development expenses through the Chungnam Economic Promotion Agency’s middle-aged re-jump start-up program. In the company's 'Heavy Electric Equipment Healthcare Platform', when equipment test data is input, AI transmits it to a real-time server and the analysis result can be received within 2 minutes. With the development of a system that can predict the cause of failure of heavy electric equipment, the system can be applied to domestic and foreign power industries. “In the past, test data was sent to high-voltage equipment manufacturers, and the equipment was repaired or replaced according to the analysis results,” said Park Shin-young, head of the corporate research institute. This will significantly reduce the cost burden.”

The company is developing a '3D modeling data storage' system that can see the inspection status and contents at each analysis point at a glance by three-dimensionalizing the equipment in three dimensions. CEO Lee said, “We will create an era where you can easily check all data by clicking on one image without having to search through numerous facility data stored in the computer.

Dangjin = Reporter Kang Tae-woo

Source: Korea Economic TV



“It is possible to prevent large-scale blackout accidents”...Development of high-voltage facility diagnosis and prediction system

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